Friday, June 10, 2016

Gemstone and Color Vibrations

A discourse about vibration reminded me that everything has a vibration, including color.  Light colors have a higher vibration than the the darker colors, although indigo holds the highest vibration. Indigo is also connected to the 6th energy center or chakra.

Colour is the energy expression of light, and correlates to sound energy...Food also has an energy vibration and so do flower essences, essential oils and gemstones. In fact everything has an energy vibration. 

Amethyst and Quartz Crystals...
The rose has the highest vibration of the essential oils. This is not surprising since the rose is the sacred geometry of the soul.  Flower essences can resonate with your divine patterns and blueprint. 

Gemstones have an intelligence that we are only beginning to understand. They provide a bridge to humanity much like the flowers do. They are part of the kingdoms of nature that are here on earth to assist humanity in remembering and reconnecting to their divinity and all the qualities of divine love.  Crystals are precipitations of light.  Many healing modalities use crystals to assist the healing process.

Red Calcite
Following are the Gemstone Qualities given by the Ascended Masters in some discourses from the Radiant Rose Academy.

Amber: Power
Amethyst: Form & Structure
Apophyllite: Action (making real)
Aquamarine: Stealth
Aragonite: Prosperity Consciousness
Aventurine: Compassion 
Calcite: Breath of Life
Celestite: Unlimited Consciousness
Chrysocolla: Peace
Citrine: Freedom
Danburite: Perserverance
Diamond: Knowingness
Hematite: Unconditional Light
Iolite: Function
Jasper: Truth
Moonstone: Jurisdiction
Rose Quartz: Unity Consciousness
Rhodochrosite: Forgiveness
Ruby: All that is Love
Sugilite: Magnitude
Tiger's Eye: Unconditional Governance
Topaz: Abundance
Tourmaline (watermelon): Oneness

 (Thank you to the Radiant Rose Academy for permission to cite these.)

As we become more conscious and increase the light vibration in our bodies, then we will desire to make higher vibrational choices to support this process.  My jewelry creations are made to support our awakening consciousness.  They are an extension of my interest in energy, healing, color, beauty and creativity.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Blues on Whyte Block Party on Sunday July 3rd

My next event is Blues on Whyte Block Party, which is a family street music festival with several stages of bands playing throughout the day. Lots of food and vendors along the street, and even a pancake breakfast in the morning. Don't miss it!  Sunday July 3rd, 10:00 am to 11:00 pm.