Saturday, April 8, 2023

What's Selling? Hammered Hoops!

My gold and silver hammered hoops are selling on Etsy more than anything else.  I guess it just goes to show how very important and influential reviews are for online selling. Oh and that's another thing, hammered wire hoops make great gifts!  

Hammered hoops are not readily available in a local retail store, and these hoops are a classic jewelry accessory with a unique handmade quality, so a popular gift item. Since I have a thing for presentation, I put a little extra effort into the unwrapping experience for the recipient, which adds to the gift appeal.  

My prices are competitive and I have low shipping prices. Regarding quality, I think people appreciate buying 14K gold filled or sterling silver since they both have long lasting wear and are great for those with sensitive ears.  All of these factors combined have resulted in my hammered hoops being the most popular sale item in my Etsy store.

P.S. They were also a very popular item when I used to sell wholesale to a local designer clothing shop.