Saturday, June 22, 2019

Gold Crystal Pendant is Full of Meaning

Sacred Symbols:  Circle of Life, Cross: Love in unity with Light, Purple crystal for the purifying ray, Butterfly crystal for metamorphosis of our consciousness... Gold is a precious metal with healing qualities due to its high vibration. It is also aligned with the Sun > Illumination.

This pendant is made with 14K Gold Filled wire, 14KGF cross, 14KGF beads and 14KGF ring along with Swarovski crystals for high quality everyday wear.  Wear this pendant on a little neck chain or  or a long chain, whatever you have.  

Note that 14KGF is not solid gold but it has a thick layer of gold over a brass core (adding strength to wire for manipulating and wrapping) for long lasting wear, unlike gold plated. Some people call Gold Filled  >> "Lifetime Gold" because of the gold's lasting quality.