Monday, February 8, 2021

Jade Happiness and Beauty Abounds

I have been really enjoying working with Jade these past few months.  After listening to some spiritual information explaining all the qualities and benefits of Jade, it really inspired me to acquire Jade to make some earrings, bracelets and angels. See some of them below.

The primary qualities characterized by Jade are Happiness, Beauty and Purity, hence I see their connection to Lord Buddha and Beloved Kwan Yin.  One of the most unique aspects of Jade is that it never takes on any negative energy and this is a big plus when it comes to working with gemstones and caring for them.  For this reason, it's not surprising that it is an excellent stone to invoke protection.  Jade is widely used in the area of enhancing beauty such as the skin.  

It also naturally manifests in great abundance around the world and in a multitude of colors.  It can be carved or dyed without harming its qualities.  It really is a wonderful stone for all of humanity, and it assists those who are striving towards a higher consciousness.

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